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Debbie Genz


What is a decomposer?

What do decomposers do?

Where do decomposers live?

What are some examples of decomposers?


These questions you will answer when you go through this lesson!  First s brief video about this amazing topic!

Decomposer Video from PBS    Yes!  Please do watch the video!

...and this one!   Decomposer Video Two and look another  The Dirt On Decomposers


Decomposers: Web site One  look at this site and answer the following questions in your science journal.

  1. What are decomposers?
  2. What do decomposers actually do?
  3. What are the two types of decomposers?
  4. What are three examples of each type of decomposer?  Write the name of the decomposer, draw a picture and explain what it decomposes. 


Decomposers: Web site Two  This site explains which decomposers you might find in a specific biome. 

  1. What decomposers do you find in a desert?  (List, explain, and draw!)
  2. What decomposers do you find in a water? (List, explain, and draw!)
  3. What decomposers do you find in a forest? (List, explain, and draw!)
  4. What decomposers do you find in the artic? (List, explain, and draw!)
  5. What decomposers might you find in The Rain Forest?  (List, explain, and draw!)


Decomposers: Web site Three


A compelling look at the life of Herman the Worm!


Review of the energy cycle One

Review of the life energy cycle Two

Now that you have completed the energy cycle here is a web site to help you review all levels producers, consumers, and decomposers!


Now check yourself and take the quiz.  For each question, write only the correct answer!

Life Science Quiz

Interactive Dynamic Earth

Is our earth just a big rock?  Use page one to answer this question!

Page One

Page One Exploring Earth

What is the land of the earth's crust compared to?

Page Two Smithsonian Dynamic Earth

Page Two - Plate Techtonics

Page Two - USGS The Dynamic Earth

How do techtonic plates move?

Page Three -Plate Movement

What can result when from techtonic pressure?


The Rock Cycle

Page Four Interactive Rock Cycle

Interactive Rock Cycle Two


Bonus Sites:

Earth Inside Out

Landform Processes

Poetry for Poetry Sake

Black History Month Scavenger Hunt

Open a google doc and begin google safe search and find the answers to the questions!

Share the doc with Ms. Genz.

Name the file:

Your Name _Black History

  1. What Sport was Jesse Owens famous for?
  2. What ...more

Amazing Bird Adaptations

Amazing National Parks

Magnets and Electricity

First Trimester Life Science Research

Students are studying perseverance and adaptations during first trimester will access these sites.  Topics for this will involve many aspects of ecosystems.  We are going to begin by taking a closer look at forests.  Hopefully getting to biotic and abiotic interdependence, and advanced adaptations of plants and animals. These websites will be helpful!

Link One

World Wildlife Federation

Defenders of Wildlife Info

Eco Kids take on Forests

Slides about Forests

Igneous Rocks

Please put these notes in your science notebook on page E- 8.

Igneous Rocks

Use these Geology for Kids sites to help you learn more about igneous rock!

_______________________ rocks form as ...more

Delving Deeper Into the Mysteries of the Titanic

Read this article about the Titanic from Eye Witness History.   What is one new bit of information you can find here?  Who gave this eye withness account?


Read the History of the Titanic from Encyclopedia Britanica.

There were lifeboats and life jackets.  Why would those with only a life jacket not survive?


Here is a site dedicated completely to the Titanic! 

Encyclopedia Titanica

A little Titanic Math... Look at the list of people. 
Look at the various classes pf passengers, the crew, what were the numbers of each and how many survived? 

What name might you look for on the list of passengers?


What were some of the items photographed?

National Geographic Photo Gallery


There are many legends about Titanic that were later found to be untrue. 

In Titanic: Sinking the Myths, find three things you thought were true that proved to be false.


Ten Facts About Titanic lists some information many people don't know about the Titanic.  Which ones of these is new information to you?


Titanic Facts has a ton of information.  Choose one of these headings to look into further!  Check with Ms. Genz to see if it has been selected by someone else. 


Now for the final Titanic Frontier,

The Titanic Interactive from the History Channel

Titanic By the Numbers


For more links especially for kids try these!

Titanic-Kids Connect

Science Kids Info about Titanic

Britannica Kids

Rebuilding Titanic


For a link to other lost liners:

Lost Liners


Decomposers Fluency Passage!

This week your fluency is from an online resource! 

Decomposers from Nature Works


Goal Setting

Changes on Earth Videos

Animal Adaptations

John Muir Biography Sites

Rainforests of Asia

Earthquake Resources

Volcano Resources

Tsunami PowerPoint Resources

Fossil PowerPoint Resources

Interactive Mineral Identification

Mineral Lab One  Glenco

Mineral Lab Two  Virtual Rock Lab

Mineral Lab Three

Interactive Labs

What are minerals? Geology.com

Math Resources