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Parent Resources

Get Involved

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

Join our PTA and support our efforts to enrich students' lives with fieldtrips, classroom resources, and much more.


School Site Council (SSC)

This committee provides critical input into the development of our school plan and subsequent prioritization of funds.

English Learner's Advisory Council (ELAC)

This committee serves a vital role in helping us meet the needs of our English Learners.

Parent Volunteers

Teachers are almost always in need of your help and support.  From grading papers at home, sending in supplies, to working in the classrooms, Garcia loves parents that get involved!  Please check with the front office and ask for a volunteer application.


Lunch Applications

For those needing to fill out the application for free and reduced lunch, use this link!

Shoparoo Added!


If you select the Camera tab in your Shoparoo app, there is a step by step tutorial that should walk you through uploading your receipts. Here are some helpful tips:
  • Lay your receipt down flat with as few wrinkles as possible, in a well lit area while making sure to line up the vertical edges of the receipt with the vertical lines on the screen. Don’t be too far away from the receipt.
  • Let the camera focus correctly before taking a picture or tap the screen to focus the picture manually. Tap on the receipt to make sure your camera doesn’t focus on other areas of your photo.
  • Be sure to check that all the photos are clear before submitting them.
For a receipt to qualify for rewards, the uploaded picture(s) must include in clearly and unaltered form:
  1. Store Name
  2. Items Purchased with Prices
  3. Total Transaction Amount
  4. Date of Transaction
Receipts that are cut off, misprinted, or simply too faded in any of those 4 areas will not be rewarded.Thank you for your interest in fundraising with Shoparoo!