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Fifth Grade

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Fifth Grade Native American Narratives

Point of View / Problem

Your first step is to build a few characters and select the point of view your narrative will have.  This should be related to the problem of the main character.  In a good narrative, your main character begins the story with a want or a need!  (Otherwise there is not a point and your story will be boring!  Who wants to read a snory? LOL!)  So here we go!!!


Character Development Exercise!

So to help with this complete this exercise on your worksheet!  The red is to be completed and is already on your worksheet!  The black is to help you understand what you are working on!  If your teacher is a mess and doesn't have the worksheet...  Please be nice and just use a piece of lined paper in your notebook!  This may also be a good idea if you tend to lose papers!  You will only need to write the red items below!


Start Here

Main Character

Name ________________________ the ___________________ ______________________

For example in Sign of the Beaver you could say the main character was Matt. Or you could say it was

Matt the loneliest 12 year old settler in charge of a log cabin!  See the difference????


Main Character's Family Members and three words to describe them:


______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

Remember, Matt's family is away, but you are free to use family members as part of your story!

Main Character's Main Friends and three words to describe them:

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

You already have seven characters to use in your narrative!  Wahoo!

Main Character's Antogonist Character and three words to describe them:

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

These are the conflict characters.  Since you must have building conflict, and we have been studying four types, you must have four conflict characters.  Remember!!!  The areas of conflict and use one example of each!  I highly recommend that you relate one of these conflicts to the want or need of the character!



The following section may use ideas or characters from above, or they may be brand new ideas!  In other words the greatest wish might be related to the want or the need of the main character.  The Greatest fear may also be related to the beginning want or need, or to the conflicts you listed!  The powerful influence may be a family member or a friend, or another new character!  Get it??? 

Main Character's Greatest Wish and three words to describe it:

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

Main Character's Greatest Fear and three words to describe it:

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

Main Character's Most Powerful Influence and three descriptive words:

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

Main Character's Most Helpful Character and three words to describe them:

______________ - ________________ ________________ ________________

Fifth Grade Big Idea...The Compass Rose of Conflict

Conflict occurs between:

        Human vs Human 

       Human vs Society       Human vs Nature        

        Human vs Self         

Conflict PowerPoint


Supported Literature Findings

I read page _______, which said, "______________________________."  The main character, ___________, had to _____________.  From this text I can learn to __________________ also.

On page ______ the author writes, "________________________." The character, ____________, had to _____________________.  From that I, the reader, learn __________________________________.

When the author writes "_____________________________" on page ________, the reader learns ______________________ from what ____________________, the main character experiences!

I learned from the information on page ____________.  Here the main character, __________, experiences _____________.  I can see the importance of ___________________ because of this passage.


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