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Dr. Ernest Garcia

Dr. Ernest Garcia-Garcia's Namesake


Dr. Ernest Garcia was born in Colton, California, taught elementary school in Barstow and Redlands, and then came to Rialto to teach Spanish to elementary school students in 1958. He was coordinator of foreign languages for elementary school students, and also began planning a program for gifted children.

After he had worked several years for the Rialto School District as Coordinator and Curriculum consultant, he became principal of Dunn Elementary School in 1961. After two years as principal of Dunn, he began to work on his doctorate at UCLA, and completed the degree in 1966. In 1967, he became a professor in the Education Department of the University of Redlands. A year later, he joined the faculty of the Education Department at the recently opened Cal State, San Bernardino. In 1979, he became Dean of the School of Education at Cal State, were he served 11 years, seeing the school grow to one of the largest teacher training programs in California. During the time he was teaching at Cal State, he was elected to the Rialto School Board, where he served 9 years from 1970‐1979.


Taken from the district book, The Who's Who of Rialto by Brian Montez